Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Writing Contest has Begun!!!

2014 Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Writing Contest! 

Hello, everyone!
Here we go with the 1st Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Writing Contest!
We sincerely invite you to join us in this wonderful and educational event!
Please be noted that the contest has already been open for submission from now till Apr. 5th!
Don't miss the chance to win the rewards and have fun with us!
Don't forget to pass the love around! Just share and forward it to your friends!

Topic:How to Improve the Welfare of Stray Animals in Taiwan?

NGO Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taiwan


NGO Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization New Taipei Branch
NGO Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taipei Branch


Life Caring Enterprise Co., Ltd.

In order to improve the public's awareness toward stray animal's issue and build up a friendly interaction platform for sharing the life caring idea, SPCA L.C.O. decided to hold the 1st overseas writing contest to gather different ideas and hear different voices from different places. Hoping by doing so, SPCA L.C.O. can truly open a window for the stray animals and thus improve their welfare in Taiwan. 

About us
Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taiwan(a.k.a. SPCA L.C.O. ) is the only 24H animal protection organization, which has devoted to animal caring issue for over nine years. SPCA L.C.O. has the first government acknowledged animal rescue vehicle in Asia, first pet neutering vehicle, first established animal blood donation center, life caring animal shelter, and life education speech tour in campus. Moreover, SPCA L.C.O. has been making efforts in helping the elders living alone, the minority groups in athlete fields, and overseas interaction. The income comes from public's donations. 

Open to high school, college/university students, and adult.

Winners will be awarded a certificate as well as-
10,000 NTD -First Prize     6,000NTD- Second Prize     4,000NTD- Third Prize     

3,000NTD- Forth Prize      2,000 NTD- Fifth Prize
The winners list will be announced on the SPCA L.C.O. website on Apr. 20th. The winners will receive congratulation emails within a week. 
The winners is required to agree on recording a 1-3 minutes short clip and email them to us in two weeks after the list been announced. The short clip would require the winners to present a couple of words of reflections, encouragement to Taiwan, or any friendly, warm, or creative way to express his/her animal caring idea. 
The winning articles will be published on the L.C.O. monthly journal each month. 

How does it work?
1. Please use Microsoft Word to write a 500 words essay based on the topic
2. The submission opens from Mar. 1st to Apr. 5th 
3. Essay submission or any question please send to our SPCA L.C.O. overseas department organizer, Ms. Lai ( and enclose a cover letter to include the following details: Full name, School name and grade(or NA), address, and e-mail

We also welcome any donation or goods supply from overseas. SPCA L.C.O. is honored to have your help on the stray animals' issue in Taiwan! 

Overseas Donation Account:
Bank's Name: Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Jincheng Branch
Bank Address: No.46, Sec.3, Jincheng Road, Tucheng Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C
Bank's Tel: [886-2]2263-1678

A/C NO Of Beneficiary: 669102008771
Online Donation:
Or contact our overseas department organizer, Ms. Lai by +886-983-151-386, or

SPCA L.C.O. HQ: No.25, Aly. 35, Ln. 174, Jianshan Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 239, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +886-2-2670-7161 FAX: +886-2-2670-9409

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Official Facebook: Search "Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taiwan"

Monday, September 16, 2013

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Dear Readers!

Thank you for all your support through these years!

We are glad to announce that our L.C.O. blog is coming back!

We will continue to update our rescue diary and touching stories again for you.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life May Fade Away, but Love Will Stay the Same

Life May Fade Away, but Love Will Stay the Same—
A Donation in the Name of a Beloved One Pays the Love Forward Far Across the Sea

Two months ago, far across the sea from the United States there’s a message sent to the mailbox of L.C.O., Animal 119 in Taiwan. The letter was sent by a lady of a company in California, and she was very humble to inform us that they were interested in making a donation to L.C.O. and would like to give it on behalf of a beloved grandmother who just passed away. 
This was certainly an encouraging and exciting message to L.C.O. The news was soon reported back to the Headquarter and became a hit discussion among all the staffs. Everyone all felt admiration and respect for the donator.
Based on the spirit of “Love in Human Beings; Affection in Cats& and Dogs,” we were more happy than receiving a donation in the name of a beloved one because we understand the yearning for spreading the love. Therefore, we replied to the lady and informed them that we’d like to write this donation into our monthly magazine, and share this boundless love with all of our dear readers.
Throughout the two months of diligent correspondence and communication, we were happy to have assisted the lady to accomplish the overseas donation process, and learn a slightly more about this deeply missed grandmother:
Lady Hsien-O Sun Yang was the grandmother of a valued employee in a company in California. Ms. Yang loved animals very much and had always kept an eye on the stray cat situation in her homeland, Taiwan. Therefore, after Ms. Yang passed away, the people who cherished her a lot decided to make an overseas donation to our flurry friends in Taiwan on behalf of Ms. Yang’s name, hoping to remember this warm and passionate grandmother and extend her love far across the sea back to the many little lives in Taiwan.
This is the loving story attached along with the donation. Let us share it with you.
Donation in Memory of Ms. Hsien-O Sun Yang
We are both honored and humbled to be able to make this donation in the name of Hsien-O Sun Yang. Ms. Yang was a beloved grandmother to one of our valued employees. We have chosen this organization as Ms. Yang loved all animals, but especially cats. When Ms. Yang became too ill to take care of her cat, her family had to find a home that would take good care of the cat for her. We know that Ms. Yang is still be keeping an eye on this cat in her own way, and we think she would be pleased with our choice regarding this donation.
We L.C.O. would like to express our profound gratitude and respect to Ms. Hsien-O Sun Yang and the ladies and gentlemen who have assisted to accomplish this donation. Thank you for your support, and thank you for the love you spread on our animals!
L.C.O. currently is working on expend the overseas window, including English Official Website and English blog. Moreover, we are actively discussing the matter of cooperation and donation with many of the animal protection organizations or companies overseas. Hope by doing so, we could gradually extend our spirit and love to the world, increase the adoption and donation rate, and share the stories of our animals and rescue experiences with more and more people. We will continue on our mission of loving animals because we firmly believe that: Love will not be limited by languages, nor will it be separated by nationality.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Accompany Dog Program on the Go!

In the view of our founding missions and goals “Love in Human Beings, Affection in Cat & Dogs,” which aims to spread the love to all kinds, we firmly believe that taking care of every life is an inevitable social responsibility that L.C.O needs to take. Therefore, it is curtained that on facing the problem of aging population and low fertility in the coming future, we will strive to put more focus on the welfare of senior citizens.

Nowadays in Taiwan, it is reported that instead of the need of material life, it is the mental support and the need of company that many senior citizens are lack of. Hence, L.C.O. Alliance has demanded the New Taipei Branch and Taipei City Branch to cooperate on the training of the accompany dogs, hoping to help provide the senior citizens a warm company in the future.

When taking care of the accompany dogs, giving the dogs a sense of belonging, the elders can also enjoy a hearty and secure feeling from the company of the dogs. Based the above consideration, L.C.O. wishes to establish a mutual care between human and animals and solve the problems caused by the stray dogs.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rubber Band Dog in Long-Tan District

Case: Dog
Type: Mix
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year old
Situation: Neck wrapped by rubber bands. It has been two weeks since it was found by the local "ai-shin-mama." The wound was rotten and had the sign of festering.

Before receiving the report, the Animal 119 had already gone our for rescue. Therefore, the head quarter asked of the Director General, Mrs. Hong and the member of Interior Department, A-hon for a prompt help. On capturing the wounded dog, the rescue car immediately rushed to Shan-Qin Animal Hospital which we've long cooperated with. The dog was taken back to the head quarter on the later night of that day. 

↑ 12:35 p.m. arriving at the location
This little furry thing was the rescue target this time. 
Thanks to the ai-shin mama's help, the dog was induced to the back yard in advance. The hearty host of the temple helped to close the door in case it run away from the rescue staffs.  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shiba Inu: 3 Years Wandering Away from Home because the Animal Shelter did not Scan the Microchip

[Latest News] of Animal Welfare  

Shiba Inu: 3 Years Wandering Away from Home because the Animal Shelter did not Scan the Microchip

Found its way back home on doing the rescan for being dumped by the second owner

Published: March 12, 2012, by Apple Daily
NEW TAIPEI CITY— Three years ago, Ms. Liang’s dog went missing. The female Shiba Inu was captured by the dog squads and taken back to the Chunghe Animal Shelter. However, the animal shelter didn’t follow the procedures to scan the microchip for the captured dogs; instead, they treated all of them as stray dogs and soon found the Shiba Inu two new adopters right away. It was not until few days ago when the Shiba Inu got dumped again could it have chance to receive a rescan and thus find its way back to its original family miraculously.
The story was revealed later by an animal protection volunteer on the Internet, describing the tear-moving moment of the reunion and even referring its journey to the Japanese legend, Tale of Hachiko. The story has aroused high attention among the animal lovers and pet keepers, and they are desperately appealing the government to take actions on this issue. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

【Sharing from Ms. Hong】Stand for TNR- Handmade Catnip Pillow, Cushion, and Tunnel

On the moment of receiving the package from Ms. Hong, I was too excited that I couldn't wait to open the box until I reach home.
So I happily opened the box right at the parking lot of the convenient store. 
How I enjoyed the moment!!! \(^O^)/

This was how my package looked like!
What an environmental friendly package! 
In order to make the best use of everything and not causing waste, Ms. Hong used tap to fix all the holes on the old paper box.
The tunnel I ordered was put neatly in the plastic bags.